Our “winter-storm” weekend

This past weekend we were supposed to attend a high school friend of Cory’s wedding in Concan. The winter storm advisories scared us off since there are a lot of low-lying bridges to and from Concan, so we ended up staying in San Antonio with our very best friends, Mark and Daniella. Needless to say, we didn’t run out of things to do!

Owen went to his very first Children’s Museum. He had an absolute blast playing in the toddler room there! I’m ashamed to say this was probably his first time around a bunch of other kiddos. We hadn’t been in there for more than 2 minutes before he (accidentally) knocked down a little girl. That scared me and I was worried that I had done him a huge disservice and he would not know how to interact with other kids…but he was GREAT! He was very concerned anytime any of the other kids started to cry or get upset. It was very sweet! His favorite activity was the sandbox.

Childrens Museum

After our kid-oriented activity, we went to the Buckhorn Saloon and the boys had a beer at the oldest saloon in Texas. We opted not to take the $20 tour and headed to lunch instead.

buckhorn saloon

That’s where Owen got serenaded by his first mariachi. They were actually singing Happy Birthday to Cory, but Owen was mesmerized. This kid loves music!


Highlights of the weekend: Mark carrying Owen around on his shoulders while we shopped at Market Square. Owen had a wooden tambourine that he had to play on Mark’s head. Apparently Mark thought it was painful…Everyone else thought it was hilarious! And homemade menudo!! Yum!


Our “first” Halloween

What a difference a year makes! Last Halloween Owen was just shy of 4 weeks old. This Halloween we were out trick or treating as a family. To be honest, we only stopped at two houses and mainly dressed him up for the photo-op’s. But our little Charlie Brown had a great time, despite his daddy eating all his candy!


We also visited our local pumpkin patch the weekend before and picked out our pumpkins. We rode the hay-ride however all Owen wanted was to run around the fields and piles of pumpkins. He had no time for photos, but we managed to snap a few! He was konked before we pulled out of the parking lot.

pumpkin patch

Our little boy is ONE

Just a sampling of the wonderful photos taken by Andrew at Liv Photography back in October.

Owen Johnny One Year_037

Owen Johnny One Year_048

Owen Johnny One Year_041

Owen Johnny One Year_067

Despite the rainy weather he was able to capture some amazing shots. And I know we’re biased but we’re convinced we have the cutest little model.