Thanksgiving 2013

Four whole days with Owen and Cory! It was wonderful!! We went out to my parent’s place in Plantersville on Thanksgiving. Cory’s parents and my sister joined us. Of course we all ate too much…And I have finally found a delicious and easy cheesecake recipe. I change up the add-in’s, so for Thanksgiving it was crushed Oreo’s and a chocolate ganache glaze. And I use the traditional graham cracker crust instead of the chocolate wafers. After dinner we played outside until it got too cold. Owen went for a hayride in the wheel barrow. That kid is non-stop! So thankful for him, my husband, and an amazing family (our furry kids included)!

owen wheel barrow



The rest of the weekend we spent putting up the tree, decorating for Christmas, and doing a little shopping. Owen and I took several naps in our favorite arm-chair (my favorite part of our holiday).  We watched a couple movies and several football games (Wow Auburn! I always enjoy a good Alabama loss) and just enjoyed being able to relax. Oh and I tried my hand at our first pot of menudo- thanks to my BFF Daniella. Although it came out good, I think it will be a while before I attempt it again because the smell of raw tripe is nauseating. But I got the seal of approval from the hubs and father-in-law so I’m calling it a win.

And a big shout-out and thanks to the husband for putting up our Christmas lights. I contributed by watching The Mummy and napping in my chair with Owen. I can’t wait to share the holiday season with Mr. Owen! He just brings a whole new sense of wonder and excitement to this time of year! It makes me feel like a kid again!


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