First Haircut

This weekend was made for naps, daytime pajamas, and soup! Although the majority of the weekend was spent cuddling up and staying warm we did manage to get some Christmas shopping done AND our little man got his first haircut. He did great! He was very patient and looked so handsome when she was done. I didn’t realize how much he needed one until after it was all trimmed and neat looking. I’m still in shock that we have a child old enough to need a haircut! And of course we kept a lock of his perfect blond hair and every time I look at it in that little baggy I tear up! Where is the time going?




The rest of the weekend was spent playing and snuggling. I don’t think it got any warmer than the mid-40’s. I swear these weekends with no plans are the best! The cooking was minimal however I did make a big pot of broccoli cheese soup for Sunday dinner, using this recipe. I sliced up a couple boleo rolls to go with it. We both love broccoli and who doesn’t love cheese. The husband’s verdict…”pretty badass” so we both highly suggest making this soup- since it is, after all, soup weather!


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