Fast forward two years…

Apparently you can’t slow life down…who knew?! So we are well into our life as a family of four and while it moves so incredibly fast, it’s bursting at the seams with the sweetest moments! Just yesterday Owen told me “You’re the best girl in the whole world!” Instant tears here! I don’t think there are sweeter words to a momma’s ears.

Oh and let’s not forget Huntie! Poor kid’s name has morphed into a sappy little nickname! How did we ever live life before he came around? Two boys keep me almost constantly tired but watching them love on each other is quite possibly my favorite thing in the world! Perhaps I’ll do a better job of documenting things…but just living it and making the memories right now is enough for all of us!

OH- Play Doh

These two are brothers and BFF’s! Play doh is pretty much our favorite activity right now (especially Owen’s). And Hunter is joined by his dinosaur, Arlo, because he’s really into all things dinosaur- RAWR!



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