Hunter turns TWO

On Monday Hunter turned two! We celebrated with a birthday party on Saturday and a fun family day on Monday!

My in-law’s hosted the dinosaur themed party! We rented a big water slide to play on because man is it hot in Texas in July! I think the birthday boy was most excited about his dinosaur cake and his dinosaur balloons!

Cory and I took Monday off so we could spend more time celebrating! Hunter had his 24 month doctor visit where he got one shot, but didn’t even cry! He didn’t cry last time he got shots either! I was totally impressed! He currently weighs 28 lbs 9 oz (59%) and is 34.25” tall (56%). After the doctor we went to Chick-fil-a for a birthday breakfast and some play time! Then we took the boys to Wonder Wild for more play time! Wonder Wild is so awesome! They had so much fun! Owen loved the alligator slide and Hunter was really into the dinosaur toys! After all that playing we met my sister and dad for lunch at Grimaldi’s. The boys love playing with the dough and went to town on their pizza!

Finally we headed home for what we thought would be naptime. They were both ready to play some more the minute we stepped into the house. They both ended up crashing before dinner!

It was such a sweet weekend celebrating our baby! He loves monsters and dinosaurs! He’s completely enamored with his big brother. They will sit and giggle at something for quite a while and it’s just so cute to watch! He gets so excited to see me when I get home from work! It melts my heart! He calls his Dad “Dat” and Gizmo (our chihuahua) “Mouse”. He hates covers and loves super heroes. He’s a tough little sucker! We are so lucky God blessed our family with our Hunter man! Happy birthday! We love you so!!

Get ready for a picture overload…




chick fil a


Putting our socks on at Wonder Wild! Despite Owen’s face- he was really, super excited!

hunter- grimaldis

hunter grimaldis

hunter pizza

dad and owen


Sister, sister

Guess who went out last night with zero mommy guilt?! THIS GAL! My sister is in town from Seattle and we were planning a happy hour for one of the days she was visiting. I’ve committed to one day a week where I do something for myself. Whether it’s just getting Cory to pick up the boys after work, or a Target stop, or wine with a friend, it’s been really refreshing to take a couple hours and be totally selfish! So off we went to Fielding’s local kitchen + bar. It was so incredibly good! We had roasted shishito peppers and goat cheese with charred avocado and wine! Everything was delicious as it sounds and it was so great to be able to sit down and chat!

I love summer nights that seem to linger on! When we got home it was still light outside so we went out in the backyard with the boys and played on the swing set. There are few things in this world that make my heart smile as much as seeing my sister play with my boys! Owen imitates everything she does. They are so in love with her! I’m so lucky we have an amazing relationship! We’ve always been friends! We hung out with each other in high school and were college roommates. I’m so glad we have remained close despite living so far from each other.


We are hilariously bad at taking selfies!

mal and the boys

They are obsessed with her!

Bald babies

Hunter was born with the most old man hairstyle! For starters, he was completely bald on top with some long hair around the back and sides. And it was dark brown! We were shocked by the color! Cory and I were both blonde babies and Owen’s hair was practically white! Oh my gosh- he was so cute! He would kind of whimper as a newborn and he was (and still is- thank goodness!) such a snuggler! Moving along, before I catch baby fever…Oops! Too late!

Over the next few months that long brown hair fell out leaving him totally and completely bald. And I am so in love with bald babies! He was bald for such a long time! But it kept him looking like my little baby! Even at a year old- he was still bald. I loved it!

This weekend we checked off another milestone though. He was rocking the best looking mullet around, but I figured it was time for the first hair cut. I knew he would not be enthused so I asked an old girlfriend to cut it. She has an adorable home studio and has been cutting hair for over 10 years. She is a baby hair-cutting whiz! He fought it at first but eventually calmed down. She had him done and looking sharp in less than 10 minutes!

So he went from being a baby to a little man. And in exactly a week from today he will be TWO. I love watching his little personality develop…he’s a joker! But if we could just take it a little slower this momma would really like that!

Bald Baby

Oh hey bald baby!


That infamous mullet!


haircut freaking out

haircut calm


Post hair cut- Realizing he looks like a baller!

Just a couple…

Once upon a time- Cory and I were just a couple… two kids with no kids who could do whatever we wanted whenever we wanted. Then our lives became fuller and happier than we ever dreamed when Owen and Hunter joined our family! We love being parents, more than anything in the world! It’s exhausting and rewarding. Our days are filled with endless amounts of cute phrases coming from tiny mouths, and sometimes breakdowns, but somehow those end up being sweet too because they end with hugs and kisses and cuddles.

With all this joyful love and busyness- my alone time with Cory has taken a significant nosedive. In fact it would probably be safe to assume it has crashed and burned! I know that this is just a season, with kiddos who constantly need us, so I try to cherish the moments with them! Luckily, we both have amazing sets of parents who not only take care of the boys while we are at work, but let the boys spend the night from time to time so Cory and I can remember what it’s like to be husband and wife.

We had plans to stay at the LaSalle in Bryan Saturday night and run around College Station like we used to in our younger days. I get all kinds of nostalgia being back in Aggieland! Man- this did not turn out the way I had envisioned! I thought about how we would be romantic and hold hands and sip wine and eat at all the restaurants we used to love! And I’m sure we would have- had I not gotten food poisoning from a sandwich at lunch. We had just been in town a couple of hours! It was awful- I felt so sick, sicker than I can remember feeling in a good while. It was not romantic or cute, it was nothing like I had envisioned. We spend the majority of our night holed up in our hotel room. Cory wasn’t feeling great either. He has been getting over a severe bout of hand, foot, and mouth, courtesy of Hunter, that has left him with a horrible sore throat and lots of little red bumps on his hands. (Luckily Hunter’s case was very mild!) We were a mess! It was a mess!

BUT…the more I think about this past weekend and what an epic fail it was, the more I see the triumph in it. I am so thankful for a husband who loves me and enjoys spending time with me even with my head hanging in a toilet. I’m thankful that we can laugh about this and am glad that we have such a funny story to tell! I’m thankful that I can do completely gross things in the name feeling horrific and not be self conscious around him. I’m also thankful that these pretty little pictures we have planned out in our heads can be turned upside down and it can serve as a wonderful and beautiful reminder of how strong our marriage is and how  we can count on each other no matter what.

I could go for another date night sometime soon… but for now I can rest easy knowing that our sense of humor is intact and that our marriage feels like a very safe and comfortable place!


I’ll leave you with a “before” picture. This is us in front of my college home! I’ll spare you any “after” photos. In fact, I’m crossing my fingers that there are none…

The birth of instant anxiety…

I’ve always been a little bit of a worrier. I realized I wasn’t invincible before most kids my age, but it was after the birth of Owen that things really started to kick into high gear.

A new mom has a million things to worry over and stress about. I remember with Owen it was the constant worry of him getting enough milk. It was so important for me to breast feed but I never fully trusted my own body to provide for him. I remember so many of my new mom worries:

Is he getting enough to eat?

Is it dangerous to co-sleep?

Crib bumpers or not? (Who knew I wouldn’t need to worry about this because both of my babies hated the crib!)

Will he know I still love him when I return to work? (This one was/IS my biggest!)

I never realized how quickly the onset of a million different worries would fill my head. My pregnancy had been so easy and exciting that I never thought that his arrival or caring for a newborn would be anything other than dreamy. I wasn’t naïve- it was just something that I wanted for so long that I imagined every thought would be happiness and joy (even if exhausted), not necessarily doubts and fears.

Then I kind of hit my groove as a mom. It took a while but I felt confident in my decisions and cared less about what books or random people on Babycenter forums said.

Then when Hunter was born I was like “I’ve got this!” And I did! He nursed like a champ (and we’re still going!), we co-slept (in a very safe way) from day one so we never felt like sleep deprived zombies, and I was still able to care for Owen, who was 22 months. I do remember crying when he came home from the hospital though. We pushed to leave a day early so we could get home to Owen and as soon as we got there with a new baby and all our friends and family left, I felt overwhelmed. But it passed and we decided it would just take a little time figuring out our new normal.

Now Owen is almost 4 and Hunter will be 2 in two weeks (WHAAATT!) but a whole new set of fears have taken hold. When they were babies it was mainly “Oh my gosh- how will this baby survive? I don’t know what I’m doing!” Now it’s things like:

What if they get sick, like really sick?

What if I get sick, or Cory gets sick? Or what if something happens to us? Or what if something happens to them? (That one sends me over the edge yall!!)

Is it even safe to go out? To school? To church? To walk down the street? Should I tell them about violence? Should I shelter them as long as I can?

Am I selfish if I do anything I remotely enjoy?

Am I setting a good example? Of humble obedience to God? Of being compassionate? Of helping others? Of teaching them independence from me? (Another HUGEEE one I struggle with. Why would I ever want to encourage them not to need me? Insert mommy heart sad face here.)

I could write pages and pages about my fears- rational or otherwise- that now arise almost every day since having those two precious baby boys. Some days I wake up and I can stuff them down deep inside. This works for a couple weeks until I have to let it all out some way- crying, lashing out, shutting down. Some days I wake up and I don’t even know why I had those worries or fears and everything seems good! But then something can creep up- some thought that can literally make it hard to take the next breath. That feeling of dread that rattles your bones- that literally paralyzes you. Sometimes I can convince myself that these are normal mommy fears. And sometimes I’m willing to admit I have full blown anxiety. And some days I’m good at coping and some days I’m not. But everyday I’m working on realizing that I need to “Let Go and Let God”. I like to continuously tell myself whatever is meant to happen in my life is going to happen. He has already planned it for me…and planned it with a purpose. So I can spend my days worrying about what tomorrow brings OR I can spend them being so incredibly thankful and joyful for the moment I’m in right now!

It’s hard- I’m working on it….