Sister, sister

Guess who went out last night with zero mommy guilt?! THIS GAL! My sister is in town from Seattle and we were planning a happy hour for one of the days she was visiting. I’ve committed to one day a week where I do something for myself. Whether it’s just getting Cory to pick up the boys after work, or a Target stop, or wine with a friend, it’s been really refreshing to take a couple hours and be totally selfish! So off we went to Fielding’s local kitchen + bar. It was so incredibly good! We had roasted shishito peppers and goat cheese with charred avocado and wine! Everything was delicious as it sounds and it was so great to be able to sit down and chat!

I love summer nights that seem to linger on! When we got home it was still light outside so we went out in the backyard with the boys and played on the swing set. There are few things in this world that make my heart smile as much as seeing my sister play with my boys! Owen imitates everything she does. They are so in love with her! I’m so lucky we have an amazing relationship! We’ve always been friends! We hung out with each other in high school and were college roommates. I’m so glad we have remained close despite living so far from each other.


We are hilariously bad at taking selfies!

mal and the boys

They are obsessed with her!


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