Wedding Weekend Getaway

This past weekend was one I had been looking forward to while simultaneously dreading for months! I was dreading it because it would be the first weekend we would spend away from the boys, but it would be a weekend Cory and I would spend together and attend the wedding of one of my oldest, greatest friends! I was definitely looking forward to alone time with Cory and seeing my friend on such a joyful and beautiful day!

We spent the weekend in Austin and nearly everything about it was wonderful! The weather was gorgeous! We got to try new restaurants and take naps! These kind of things are a big deal for parents with little ones! Owen and Hunter can be incredibly well behaved at restaurants but there’s something so relaxing and refreshing about eating a meal at a leisurely pace and enjoying a second drink!

And then there was Jen and Joe’s spectacular wedding! I’ve known Jen since I was in 6th grade and she was in 7th. We were pretty much inseparable in high school and got into a lot of innocent but hilarious trouble. She is one of the funniest, fieriest people I know! She was always my big sister! We hadn’t seen each other in a while and one of the most emotional ways to re-unite with someone is when they are also emotional and looking absolutely stunning in a wedding dress, about to marry the love of their life! There were a lot of happy tears and it was just such a perfect night! We wish them nothing but love and happiness and laughter (lots of laughter!) and cannot wait to see what the future holds for them!

The happiest part of my weekend, however, was coming home to my boys! They were in great hands with my in-laws (who are so spectacular for keeping them on a weekend!) When people say it takes a village, they are NOT kidding and I don’t know what I would do or how incredibly hard it would be if I didn’t have Cory’s parents and my parents, and awesome co-workers who are also awesome friends! Hunter was napping on Gramma when we got there and Owen was playing in his room and man-that boy gave me the biggest hug! They did great and had a blast but I was so happy to get my boys home! Hunter was super affectionate the rest of the day as well! I got several hugs from him and a kiss!

I loved my time with Cory and I loved re-uniting with some wonderful, sweet friends, but oh how things change as the years go by! I am so grateful for the time we had but my heart is whole when I’m with my boys!






Just a couple…

Once upon a time- Cory and I were just a couple… two kids with no kids who could do whatever we wanted whenever we wanted. Then our lives became fuller and happier than we ever dreamed when Owen and Hunter joined our family! We love being parents, more than anything in the world! It’s exhausting and rewarding. Our days are filled with endless amounts of cute phrases coming from tiny mouths, and sometimes breakdowns, but somehow those end up being sweet too because they end with hugs and kisses and cuddles.

With all this joyful love and busyness- my alone time with Cory has taken a significant nosedive. In fact it would probably be safe to assume it has crashed and burned! I know that this is just a season, with kiddos who constantly need us, so I try to cherish the moments with them! Luckily, we both have amazing sets of parents who not only take care of the boys while we are at work, but let the boys spend the night from time to time so Cory and I can remember what it’s like to be husband and wife.

We had plans to stay at the LaSalle in Bryan Saturday night and run around College Station like we used to in our younger days. I get all kinds of nostalgia being back in Aggieland! Man- this did not turn out the way I had envisioned! I thought about how we would be romantic and hold hands and sip wine and eat at all the restaurants we used to love! And I’m sure we would have- had I not gotten food poisoning from a sandwich at lunch. We had just been in town a couple of hours! It was awful- I felt so sick, sicker than I can remember feeling in a good while. It was not romantic or cute, it was nothing like I had envisioned. We spend the majority of our night holed up in our hotel room. Cory wasn’t feeling great either. He has been getting over a severe bout of hand, foot, and mouth, courtesy of Hunter, that has left him with a horrible sore throat and lots of little red bumps on his hands. (Luckily Hunter’s case was very mild!) We were a mess! It was a mess!

BUT…the more I think about this past weekend and what an epic fail it was, the more I see the triumph in it. I am so thankful for a husband who loves me and enjoys spending time with me even with my head hanging in a toilet. I’m thankful that we can laugh about this and am glad that we have such a funny story to tell! I’m thankful that I can do completely gross things in the name feeling horrific and not be self conscious around him. I’m also thankful that these pretty little pictures we have planned out in our heads can be turned upside down and it can serve as a wonderful and beautiful reminder of how strong our marriage is and how  we can count on each other no matter what.

I could go for another date night sometime soon… but for now I can rest easy knowing that our sense of humor is intact and that our marriage feels like a very safe and comfortable place!


I’ll leave you with a “before” picture. This is us in front of my college home! I’ll spare you any “after” photos. In fact, I’m crossing my fingers that there are none…