Owen is officially 4!

Owen turned four on October 5! I know every parent says this but I cannot believe it! So of course you reminisce by looking at baby photos that seem like they were taken yesterday and sob on the inside! Y’know what though?! I LOVE the little boy he is becoming! He is so loving and caring! He is so funny! He makes silly jokes and his laugh melts my heart! He has the funniest little phrases! He loves to call his Dad on the phone and wrestle him for “the championship” or Facetime with Grammy and Paw-Paw (he always wants to talk about the big boy train, which is an electric train set my dad has from when he was a kid!) He loves playing outside and “fixing” trucks and riding in his barrel train with Grampa and painting and baking with Gramma! Right now he loves the “Five Little Pumpkins” song Gramma taught him! He is really curious about tornados and clock towers! He is still a cautious little boy but there’s a daredevil in him too! He likes to be helpful- it’s very sweet!

We celebrated his birthday with our Lifegroup on Wednesday and we had cake and sang and he got to blow out his candle! He got to play with his best friends that night so he was very pleased! The following night we went to Grimaldi’s which is his favorite restaurant! He ate pizza with Grammy and Paw-Paw and then got to play in the splash pad! On Saturday we went to the zoo! The weather was so nice and the boys had so much fun! We got to see the gorillas for the first time and Owen got to touch a snake! We rode the carousel and the train before we left! Owen still loves the train and its whistle! And on Monday we ate lunch and played at Chick-fil-A with Auntie Mal before she headed back to Seattle. We also got to play at Pump It Up which was Owen’s request. They played and ran and bounced! Owen liked the obstacle course bounce house the best! Owen also had his four year check up on Monday. He got four shots but was so, so brave! He weighs 35 lb 8 oz (47%) and is 3’ 4.63” tall (58%). We stretched his birthday into an almost week long celebration! All of us had a great time! Thank you to all our friends and family who made it so exciting for him!

Owen Johnny– You are such a special boy! You make your mom and dad so proud! Every time I look at you I cannot believe that God gave us such a perfect gift! I think you are so smart and so handsome and you make me laugh! I want you to always remain as caring and compassionate as you are now! You are a wonderful big brother and Hunter is so lucky that he has you to protect him, and play with, and laugh with! I LOVE YOU THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS MUCH!!










Letting Go

So I’ve learned so far in my parenting journey that giving birth to them is pretty much the easiest part. Each new phase brings an infinite amount of joy and an equal amount of nostalgia and pain and doubt. There is nothing that makes you more proud than watching your child learn or do new things. But that doesn’t mean that when they achieve new things, you won’t miss the previous stage!

We are officially out of the baby stage with the boys. Hunter is 3 months past his second birthday and Owen will be THE BIG FOUR next week which is really weird because I literally had both of them yesterday! They are both still my babies but gain more of their independence every day! And I always knew I would have a hard time watching them become big boys but I’m learning that letting go can come with great rewards!

Cory has wanted to take Owen to his first wrestling show for a while now. I hesitated. I would say he’s too young or it would be too loud, or he would probably only be interested in the first 30 minutes and up until a couple weeks ago I knew those things were all probably very true! Then last weekend, there was a little local show in Katy and Cory was convinced it was the perfect time to take Owen. As much as I wanted to say “maybe just wait for the next one”, I could tell Owen was getting excited! And off they went! Two dudes on their first dude’s night out! I’ll admit I was a little apprehensive and sad to watch them go! But it gave me some alone time with Hunter and for that I was thankful! And he’s quite the dancer now! He’s equal parts adorable and hilarious!

Fast forward several hours later and it’s really late (late for me because I’m old and like to go to bed early) and the dudes get home! I expected Cory to carry a sleeping Owen in but Owen was still awake and so pumped up! He was telling me all about it. Showing me the cool stuff he got- like his new favorite prized possession: a gigantic gold chain, haha! I was so excited to see him so excited! It was precious- his dad is now not only his hero but his BFF too! Seeing him so happy made me realize that letting go is inevitable and that in the process, my kiddos are going to experience so many new adventures. And I can’t wait to share in all the excitement!





Growing Up

This Labor Day weekend was great! I love getting to spend extra time with family and friends! The boys are growing up so fast that it makes me really appreciate the time I get to spend watching them interact and learn new things!

Owen is so big and opinionated! But he is cautious and compassionate too! He looks like a little boy! He loves going to Sunday school and playing with his Lifegroup friends! He still loves trains and super heroes! He thinks his Dad is hilarious! He is so helpful in the kitchen- his favorite thing to make is brownies but he helps with pancakes, scrambled eggs, pizza, and cookies too. He loves the water and puts his whole body under to swim. He’s also a fan of the beach since our trip last month. His favorite chore is feeding the dogs and gets upset if you do it without him. He’s been to three movies with his Gramma and Grampa (his favorite was The Secret Life of Pets) and likes to feed chickens with his Grammy. He also likes to talk locomotives with his Paw-Paw. And he can spell his name! He wanted to marry me but he’s been talking about someone named Sheena recently… apparently he wants to marry her now but she lives in Dallas. He told us that she burns pancakes but she makes him green beans! We were cracking up! (And for the record, little man- Mom doesn’t burn pancakes and I’ve yet to get you to eat a green bean!)

Hunter is growing up just as fast! He is also opinionated but a little less gentle when it comes to his big brother. I guess being the youngest gives you an extra bit of fight! He likes dinosaurs and super heroes too! He’ll grab Superman or Batman and pretend they’re flying while he spins in circles! He also is still really into Monster Trucks. He’s still a pretty big momma’s boy. He loves cuddles in the mornings and loves to twirl my hair. He’s still nursing but I think weaning is on the horizon. He laughs SO MUCH! He thinks his brother is so funny! He loves to color and play with sidewalk chalk! And when he really wants something he’ll say “Pwease, pwease!” and there’s no resisting! But my favorite thing to hear him say is “Momma!” He’s very chatty and I can’t wait until I’m able to understand everything he says! He’s a great eater- but he prefers fruit or macaroni and cheese over most meats. And he likes trying to escape bath-time after his clothes and diaper is off!

I think they both have an amazing sense of humor! They’re such happy boys! Hunter wants to do everything his big brother does! And Owen is so protective of his little brother! Makes my momma heart very, very proud! God sure knew what he was doing when he gave me these two!

We went fishing on our church campus with Gramma and Grampa on Labor Day. Hunter “caught” his first fish- a tiny perch that he was a  little hesitant to touch. With Grampa and Dad’s help, Owen caught a few too! I’m so grateful that my boys are so close to their grandparents! They get to experience so many new and cool things with them! We know we’ve been blessed and we are reminded each and every day!






I love Weight Watchers!

So I will forever and always sing the praises of Weight Watchers! At my heaviest I was 187 lbs! I can hardly believe that but it was true and I remember how incredibly miserable I was! Cory was working two weeks on/two weeks off on a rig in New Mexico and I would sit at home and miss him and eat like crap! I had no motivation to cook food for just myself. And then when he was home- we would celebrate with drinks and eating at all of our favorite restaurants. It was a vicious cycle for me but luckily it was one that I broke!

I joined Weight Watchers in December 2010 and while it took me about a year, I lost 50 lbs! I was smaller (and a lot healthier) than I was in high school! The weight loss was great but the most valuable thing I learned was how to eat properly. I still enjoyed beer and wine and sushi and on the rare occasion Whataburger chicken strips! Weight Watchers helped teach me how to budget my food and encouraged me to get my butt in the gym. Once I started running the lbs really started melting off! I was never a runner- in fact, I always HATED running. But one of the things I am most proud of was my progression from doing something I was bad at and hated to do to something that became easy and actually fun! When I was most committed, I was running almost 3 miles/day about 4-5 days a week!

They don’t let you stay on Weight Watchers while you are pregnant. So I had to “quit” when I found out I was pregnant with Owen. That was totally fine though because I took the things I learned and continued with them. I don’t want to sound cheesy but it honestly is about your lifestyle. If you decide to make it a permanent change and you get in the habit of doing it consistently, it just becomes what you do!

Luckily I had two very healthy, wonderful pregnancies! And life with a now (almost!) 4 year old and 2 year old is fast paced! I had given up being as picky about what I ate and gave in to convenience. It takes some time and devotion to really commit to eating well! It takes meal planning, and weekly grocery store trips, and researching new and healthy recipes and snack ideas to keep it from getting boring or feeling bland. And I’m still trying to figure out how to carve out some time in my day to take for myself and figure out a new work-out routine.

And I’m totally happy to say that I’ve recommitted! I joined Weight Watchers for the second time two weeks ago and I’m ecstatic to say I’ve already lost 5.5 lbs! Now I’m not starting anywhere near as heavy as I was my first time around but I’ve set my goal weight loss at 20 lbs. I’m so excited because I know I can succeed! I’ve done this before and I know how awesome I feel when I’m eating well and exercising, and now I have the added motivation of teaching two little sponges what a healthy family looks like!


This was the best picture I could find from when I was heaviest. I hated taking pictures and definetly never full body photos!


After we finished our first (and only!) 5k!

healthy preg

Maintaining a healthy weight after WW during my first pregnancy with Owen John!

Hunter turns TWO

On Monday Hunter turned two! We celebrated with a birthday party on Saturday and a fun family day on Monday!

My in-law’s hosted the dinosaur themed party! We rented a big water slide to play on because man is it hot in Texas in July! I think the birthday boy was most excited about his dinosaur cake and his dinosaur balloons!

Cory and I took Monday off so we could spend more time celebrating! Hunter had his 24 month doctor visit where he got one shot, but didn’t even cry! He didn’t cry last time he got shots either! I was totally impressed! He currently weighs 28 lbs 9 oz (59%) and is 34.25” tall (56%). After the doctor we went to Chick-fil-a for a birthday breakfast and some play time! Then we took the boys to Wonder Wild for more play time! Wonder Wild is so awesome! They had so much fun! Owen loved the alligator slide and Hunter was really into the dinosaur toys! After all that playing we met my sister and dad for lunch at Grimaldi’s. The boys love playing with the dough and went to town on their pizza!

Finally we headed home for what we thought would be naptime. They were both ready to play some more the minute we stepped into the house. They both ended up crashing before dinner!

It was such a sweet weekend celebrating our baby! He loves monsters and dinosaurs! He’s completely enamored with his big brother. They will sit and giggle at something for quite a while and it’s just so cute to watch! He gets so excited to see me when I get home from work! It melts my heart! He calls his Dad “Dat” and Gizmo (our chihuahua) “Mouse”. He hates covers and loves super heroes. He’s a tough little sucker! We are so lucky God blessed our family with our Hunter man! Happy birthday! We love you so!!

Get ready for a picture overload…




chick fil a


Putting our socks on at Wonder Wild! Despite Owen’s face- he was really, super excited!

hunter- grimaldis

hunter grimaldis

hunter pizza

dad and owen

Bald babies

Hunter was born with the most old man hairstyle! For starters, he was completely bald on top with some long hair around the back and sides. And it was dark brown! We were shocked by the color! Cory and I were both blonde babies and Owen’s hair was practically white! Oh my gosh- he was so cute! He would kind of whimper as a newborn and he was (and still is- thank goodness!) such a snuggler! Moving along, before I catch baby fever…Oops! Too late!

Over the next few months that long brown hair fell out leaving him totally and completely bald. And I am so in love with bald babies! He was bald for such a long time! But it kept him looking like my little baby! Even at a year old- he was still bald. I loved it!

This weekend we checked off another milestone though. He was rocking the best looking mullet around, but I figured it was time for the first hair cut. I knew he would not be enthused so I asked an old girlfriend to cut it. She has an adorable home studio and has been cutting hair for over 10 years. She is a baby hair-cutting whiz! He fought it at first but eventually calmed down. She had him done and looking sharp in less than 10 minutes!

So he went from being a baby to a little man. And in exactly a week from today he will be TWO. I love watching his little personality develop…he’s a joker! But if we could just take it a little slower this momma would really like that!

Bald Baby

Oh hey bald baby!


That infamous mullet!


haircut freaking out

haircut calm


Post hair cut- Realizing he looks like a baller!