Owen is officially 4!

Owen turned four on October 5! I know every parent says this but I cannot believe it! So of course you reminisce by looking at baby photos that seem like they were taken yesterday and sob on the inside! Y’know what though?! I LOVE the little boy he is becoming! He is so loving and caring! He is so funny! He makes silly jokes and his laugh melts my heart! He has the funniest little phrases! He loves to call his Dad on the phone and wrestle him for “the championship” or Facetime with Grammy and Paw-Paw (he always wants to talk about the big boy train, which is an electric train set my dad has from when he was a kid!) He loves playing outside and “fixing” trucks and riding in his barrel train with Grampa and painting and baking with Gramma! Right now he loves the “Five Little Pumpkins” song Gramma taught him! He is really curious about tornados and clock towers! He is still a cautious little boy but there’s a daredevil in him too! He likes to be helpful- it’s very sweet!

We celebrated his birthday with our Lifegroup on Wednesday and we had cake and sang and he got to blow out his candle! He got to play with his best friends that night so he was very pleased! The following night we went to Grimaldi’s which is his favorite restaurant! He ate pizza with Grammy and Paw-Paw and then got to play in the splash pad! On Saturday we went to the zoo! The weather was so nice and the boys had so much fun! We got to see the gorillas for the first time and Owen got to touch a snake! We rode the carousel and the train before we left! Owen still loves the train and its whistle! And on Monday we ate lunch and played at Chick-fil-A with Auntie Mal before she headed back to Seattle. We also got to play at Pump It Up which was Owen’s request. They played and ran and bounced! Owen liked the obstacle course bounce house the best! Owen also had his four year check up on Monday. He got four shots but was so, so brave! He weighs 35 lb 8 oz (47%) and is 3’ 4.63” tall (58%). We stretched his birthday into an almost week long celebration! All of us had a great time! Thank you to all our friends and family who made it so exciting for him!

Owen Johnny– You are such a special boy! You make your mom and dad so proud! Every time I look at you I cannot believe that God gave us such a perfect gift! I think you are so smart and so handsome and you make me laugh! I want you to always remain as caring and compassionate as you are now! You are a wonderful big brother and Hunter is so lucky that he has you to protect him, and play with, and laugh with! I LOVE YOU THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS MUCH!!










Hunter turns TWO

On Monday Hunter turned two! We celebrated with a birthday party on Saturday and a fun family day on Monday!

My in-law’s hosted the dinosaur themed party! We rented a big water slide to play on because man is it hot in Texas in July! I think the birthday boy was most excited about his dinosaur cake and his dinosaur balloons!

Cory and I took Monday off so we could spend more time celebrating! Hunter had his 24 month doctor visit where he got one shot, but didn’t even cry! He didn’t cry last time he got shots either! I was totally impressed! He currently weighs 28 lbs 9 oz (59%) and is 34.25” tall (56%). After the doctor we went to Chick-fil-a for a birthday breakfast and some play time! Then we took the boys to Wonder Wild for more play time! Wonder Wild is so awesome! They had so much fun! Owen loved the alligator slide and Hunter was really into the dinosaur toys! After all that playing we met my sister and dad for lunch at Grimaldi’s. The boys love playing with the dough and went to town on their pizza!

Finally we headed home for what we thought would be naptime. They were both ready to play some more the minute we stepped into the house. They both ended up crashing before dinner!

It was such a sweet weekend celebrating our baby! He loves monsters and dinosaurs! He’s completely enamored with his big brother. They will sit and giggle at something for quite a while and it’s just so cute to watch! He gets so excited to see me when I get home from work! It melts my heart! He calls his Dad “Dat” and Gizmo (our chihuahua) “Mouse”. He hates covers and loves super heroes. He’s a tough little sucker! We are so lucky God blessed our family with our Hunter man! Happy birthday! We love you so!!

Get ready for a picture overload…




chick fil a


Putting our socks on at Wonder Wild! Despite Owen’s face- he was really, super excited!

hunter- grimaldis

hunter grimaldis

hunter pizza

dad and owen